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Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is a certified document known as an EICR. This certificate is issued following an evaluation of a property conducted by a qualified electrician. This assessment examines the condition of your electrical installation, identifying any potential deterioration that may have occurred over time. It is advisable to conduct EICRs regularly in adherence to BS7671 standards

An EICR will;

  • Ensure electrical circuits are in a good condition and safe

  • Identify faulty electrical installations

  • Identify potential risks of electrical shock 

  • Recommendations for earthing 

  • Assess condition of the consumer unit 

Commercial EICR's

Although it is not a mandatory obligation for businesses to conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report (ECIR), they are obligated to ensure the safety of their employees as per the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act . 'The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989' stipulates that employers must take reasonable precautions to safeguard their employees from electrical hazards. It is advisable for businesses to undergo an EICR at least once every five years.

Home Buyers & Owners

A standard home report typically does not include an EICR. It is strongly advisable for individuals purchasing a new home to arrange for an EICR, as it can uncover potential electrical issues that might require substantial financial investment to address. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to schedule an EICR every 5 years for ongoing safety and maintenance.


It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a qualified Electrician to conduct an EICR to guarantee the safety of their tenants. 


The maximum length of time for an EICR to be carried out in rented accommodation is 5 years.

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